Richard Dorfmeister

1. Phone call: While K+D were hanging out at the G-Stone lounge, Ellen - the health instructor at G-Stone leisure 1 - handed them over the telephone. It was a guy from Germany, who called himself the mighty Horst. Since K+D were relaxing in a jacuzzi with Luna de Morantos of Heus 69 they could not understand more than the word - compilation. K+D immediately said no because compilations nowadays tend to be boring anyway. After days and days of please do it, STUD!O K7 came with an offer that suited them: drugs, money, mo' drugs + money and then some gals and their sisters. Since K+D are not made of wood they gave in. 2. Berlin: Flying to Berlin takes about 74 minutes, which can be a very long time. So, STUD!O K7 chartered a private jet full of cool gals to ease K+D's hard and long flight. Horst knows about the important things in life. In the evening, the K7 crew took K+D to a cheap Italian joint. There they worked out some ideas. After two bottles of Chianti, K+D convinced STUD!O K7 that there is a way where Germans and Austrians can work together. So, the crew left for the bathroom - hell knows what they did there - returned with big smiles and said: "Yes - you're right!" 3. Production: To get away from the - one track after the other - compilation concept, K+D checked in at HAVLIS - SUPER SOUND where their man Alex (don of the echo chambers) has a secret dub-laboratory. There K+D did a dub session on the selected tracks to inject some dynamics and life into it. They took two bottles of Highland park whisky and their old dub-echoes from the cellar and did a smoked-out dub echo-orgy. The new track and a slight headache was the result. 4. Finale: When the mighty Horst got the tape of the finished session, he had to listen to it on his old skool cassette answering machine. Rumor has it, that due to the awesome expenses for K+D he had to sell his car with his new stereo. But nevertheless he was happy.