Richard Dorfmeister in dub
After the successful release of the Tosca «Suzuki» CD earlier this year, Tosca return with some extra-fine dubs from the original tracks.Burnt Friedman, who is famous for his work as Nonplace urban field and his legendary series on Scape records, opens the album with his typical rhythms that are his very trademark. Alex Kid`s work with Dubphonic was featured on the Subtitled releases on Guidance records, he delivers a highly funky and danceable stormer, that will rock every dancefloor around. Walkner.Moestl had 2 EP´s (Bluish/ Heaven or hell) out on G-stone so far, they have developped their own sound full of groove and tasty electronics, their dub turned out to be deep and hard. Uko, out of the Klein record label, is dubbing the Annanas track to highest effect, a smooth and mellow version is the result. Sasha from NYC, who is known for his releases for Codek records/NYC has released high-profile stuff under Organic Grooves and Cosmic rockers. He very much knows about groove+dub. The austrian duo dZihan+Kamien are coming through this year due to their superb production on their couch imprint. Their interpretation of Busenfreund is simply class. Philippe Lussan did some fine stuff as choc electronique on his Invincis label, he is specialised in deep uptempo stuff. Baby mammoth doing it again with a dreamy dub while the Deadbeats-guys are hitting it harder with some tougher mid-tempo beats. The final mix of Groove corporation is again a good example of what it`s about here: dub. Dub be good to you.